Raising your bilingual child

Working with multilingual families, presented by Susan Stewart, International School of London

We have invited Susan Stewart of International School of London to deliver a talk on bilingual children, at our school at Barton Hill Settlement Bristol. Talk will be held in English.

Language acquisition, of a single language or two languages simultaneously, is an innate and naturally occurring phenomenon. In recent years, the press has done much to highlight the advantages of being bilingual, which is an improvement on the negative messages in the 1960s and 70s. However, the myths of previous years linger on, and many questions and concerns surrounding the use of languages stem from some common misunderstandings about the process of language acquisition.

The talk will focus on:

  • the process and rate of language acquisition
  • the development of academic language
  • the reasons why a parent should use their language, and only their language, with their child.

Date & Time: Saturday 15th October 2022, 10am – 12m

Where: DSS Bristol, 43 Ducie Road, Barton Hill BS5 0AX

Tickets: £5 (per family) – get them here on Eventbrite